Free Search and Recovery

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If you have lost some jewellery, maybe a cherished gold ring or brooch or some other item(s) that have metallic content and you are within the area of South Devon, we may be able to recover them for you.

This is a free service that relies on the goodwill of our members to travel to the loss site and, if it is possible, recover the items for you using our metal detectors.

The only thing that we would ask is, if it is a fair way for our members, that you reimburse any travel costs that they may have to incur.

We will not enter into any contract, we can only do our best to recover your items and return them directly to you.

If you would like us to try this service for you, then please use the "contact us" link and fill in the details.

Some people feel that they would like to make a donation to our club after using this service, we would of course, be very grateful, however, please do not think that it is a requirement as this is a free service.